How Sleep Works

Sleep is one of the most important parts of leading a successful and healthy life. Did you know that you spend over a third of your lives sleeping? Do you want to know more about how sleep works?

In this section of Pure Slumber, you can learn everything there is to know about the science of healthy sleep. What happens in your body while you sleep? Why do you need to sleep? What different kinds of sleep are there? Here you’ll get the answers to all these questions.

We’ll also cover the circadian rhythm. How external factors can affect it, and how different health problems are caused by disruptions to it.

Also called bimodal, diphasic, segmented, or divided sleep, biphasic sleep defines sleep habits that involve a person splitting their sleep into two segments.

You've undoubtedly asked yourself before: Why do I even need to sleep? And what are the benefits of sleep? Keep reading to find out.

Us humans need to sleep to lead a healthy, balanced, and normal life. While the body rests, the brain is actually working hard and goes through numerous cycles ...